Centres of UCSC providing services to Theekshana

Theekshana provides services from the expertise built up in the following centres established within the UCSC since 2002.

1.The e-Learning Centre (eLc)

2.The Advance Digital Multimedia Technology Centre (ADMTC)

3.The Language Technology Research Laboratory (LTRL)

4.The Software Development Unit (SDU)

The UCSC has been identified as a Centre of Excellence in e-Learning. With highly qualified academic staff and state of the art facilities, the UCSC is ideally suited to meet the challenge of introducing e-Learning in Sri Lanka. In 2002, the UCSC commenced its e-learning development and services by establishing the e-Learning Centre. Its primary aim was to serve over 1000 internal and 5000 external students in their undergraduate programmes. As such, it is now well positioned to expand its services beyond the confines of university education to meet the demands of the national human resource development requirements. There are several donor agencies supporting these activities with Sida (Swedish International Development Agency) and JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) being the main sponsors.

Presently the e-Learning Center of the UCSC has 25 members on its staff, who are committed to developing content for web-based education and to developing and maintaining Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) for student communities. This staff includes Software Engineers, System Administrators, Instructional Designers, Graphic Designers, Language Consultants and Language Editors.


The e-Learning centre (eLC) of the UCSC presently develops e-Learning courses for the well known external degree programmethe Bachelor of E-Learning CentreInformation Technology of the UCSC. Further, the eLC carries out research and development in e-Learning, especially developing e-Learning courses for the Sri Lankan context and developing e-Learning systems (based on the open source Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (Moodle) Learning Management System (LMS) together with a specialized student information system).

One of the eLC's more recent projects is to develop an e-Testing platform in a supervised environment for the BIT degree programme. For these initiatives, UCSC has received a recommendation award from UNESCO.

With a view to increasing the supply of e-Learning Professionals to sustain a growing industry, the eLC has planned a postgraduate degree programme in e-Learning with the assistance from its collaborating foreign partners funded through the European Union's Asia Link programme and the IDRC

The Advanced Digital Media Technology Centre (ADMTC) was established under the University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC) in order to implement the Project for Human Resource Development in Information Technology through Capacity Building of UCSC that was supported by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) as a three year Technical Cooperation Project between the Government of Sri Lanka and the Government of Japan from June 2002 to May 2005. This project had three major components.ADMTC

The establishment of Multimedia Laboratories, digital studio, and network capability to handle multimedia content.

The training of trainers and content developers for web based training.

Strengthening the Research and Development capabilities.

Subsequently in September 2005, JICA and UCSC agreed to cooperate with each other in organizing national and regional training programmes in the field of e-Learning. So far, 3 batches of local trainees and 1 batch of international trainees have completed this 5 week training programme.

The Language Technology Research Laboratory (LTRL) was setup in 2004 to meet the demand for local language computing in Sri Lanka. After initiating and being instrumental in standardizing the basic localization infrastructure, the LTRL is presently engaged in developing language related tools (software applications) in Sinhala and Tamil for Text to speech, Optical Character Recognition, Electronic Dictionaries, and Spell Checkers. In many of these activities it collaborates with international, regional and national bodies and has been funded by the IDRC of Canada. It also collaborates with industry partners such as Microsoft, Oracle and Google to bring localized interfaces to commonly used software. It works closely with the ICT Agency of Sri Lanka and the Sri Lanka Standards Institute in ensuring the appropriate local language technology infrastructure is in place in Sri Lanka.

The Software Development Unit (SDU) evolved within the Computing Services Centre in response to the increasing demand for the UCSC's niche expertise areas in the Software Industry. The SDU is known to produce quality low cost software with appropriate and effective technology SDUparticularly for the Sri Lankan public sector. The SDU has developed its own frameworks and processes for developing software which empowers its clients to take ownership of and maintain.

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