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Automated Fingerprint Identification System

The Fingerprint Editing Tool

The Fingerprint Editing tool is designed to Digitize Finger Print Impression Slips, as well as Enhance and Aid in Correct Identification of Latent Prints. The Fingerprint Editing Tool Shown below is actually a part of the Full Finger Print Identification System.

Screen 1

This is the main form of the finger print editing tool. Using this form the users digitize ten-print finger impression sheet (fingerprint sheet). The system automatically select each finger impression, however the user has the ability to manually select the region as well. User then can choose a finger print pattern for each print and then upload the prints to the server with an appropriate Reference number.

Screen 2

The Edit Form is used to edit latent prints and to view and edit Minutiae points. User can erase the noise and draw the unclear lines and also can use various image processing filters to edit and clear latent prints. User can view Minutiae points identified by the system and also can add new points. Finally upload the latent print and the points to the server with an appropriate CRD number.

Screen 3

This screen shows the comparison points in the latent print and the matching finger print from ten-print.

Fingerprint Matching and Crimes Information Management System

This is the Main Data Collection, Retrieval and Fingerprint Matching System. The finger impression image files created by Fingerprint Editing Tool gets automatically uploaded to this Web Based System.

Screen 4

The System is able to match Latent Prints made using Black and White Dust. Above Screen shows the Matching Prints (From Ten prints) for the Given User Image (Latent Print). The System will calculate a score for each Matching Ten print taking into account the corresponding bifurcations and Ridge endings on the Latent Print. The Matching Ten print with the Highest Score will be the First on the List. Clicking on Details would Display the Details regarding the Criminal. Clicking Compare Will display a Screen as Shown below.

Screen 5

Users are able to see the Matched points of the Latent Print to the Corresponding point in the Latent Print using this screen.

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